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I'm a photographer and designer from the middle of Germany. But my heart has lived by the ocean since I can remember, where I always end up during the year. The three most important things that should never be missing here?

Sun, surfboard and of course my camera! 

I've had a camera since I was sixteen and can't get enough of photography. My camera is (almost) always with me, because you never know what unique snapshots you might miss otherwise. 


Before and during my studies in applied cognitive & media sciences and interior design, I had a passion for drawing and developing creative concepts. My background in design - which includes editing, rendering, conception, corporate design, layout and a lot of customer communication - enables me to realize creative and authentic projects with you.

I'm a summer girlie and an ocean child -

living dreams, looking for adventure and feeling alive


I love to find inspiration for my work in the environment and emotions that surround me. I am passionate about photographing and documenting travels, landscapes, wildlife, lifestyle, sports, weddings and events. My love of photography, traveling and surfing finally led me to surf photography - this is where my heart lies. After visiting Nazaré in 2023 I also discovered a new, very important area. I realized that there were more women than usual on the water here. So I wanted to focus more on women in (big wave) surfing! Not only my photography, but also my illustrations are inspired by these themes.

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